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UBUNTU (Flight Trading Bot)

Experience the power of automation with our tradingbot, maximizing your trades while you sleep

Flight Dex

Flight NFT

Earn passive income by collecting fees on transactions made through our decentralized exchange

Flight Launchpad

Be the first to take off with our launchpad, offering early access to the most promising projects

Flight Debit Card

Get exclusive discounts at your favorite stores with our debit card, making shopping a rewarding experience

Flight Nodes

Flight Stake

Our nodes serve as the backbone of the network, verifying transactions and ensuring the integrity of the system

Flight Metaverse

Enter the metaverse and discover a new world of entertainment, with endless virtual experiences waiting for you

Flight Wallet

Flight Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that gives users full control over their digital assets. The user is given a private key to access their wallet, and they can choose to create a “stake” with their deposited tokens to earn income. This income is transferred to the user’s wallet daily, and the rate depends on the period chosen. The private key is the user’s responsibility to keep safe and secure, as any failure to do so may result in the loss or theft of their cryptocurrency.

Flight Token

Flight Token is a BEP20-based cryptocurrency that serves as the medium of exchange within the Flight Ecosystem. $FLIGHT is the native token of the Flight Ecosystem and can be used to transfer value between parties, as well as being convertible to and from other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.




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