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Card Reserve for Discounted Shopping

We will provide our users with discounted shopping from the contracted stores.

These discounts and advantages will be organized accordingly to the annual release date of allocated tokens. We will share brand names, discount percentages, and other details with our community before the annual release date arrives. This model provides, simultaneously, a demand for $FLIGHT on the market, and a good volume of sales for contracted stores.

As experienced in many projects, releasing tokens will not create a selling pressure, on the contrary, since these tokens will be used to organize discounted shopping and users will demand tokens on exchanges where $FLIGHT is listed to be able to spend them at discounted shopping, token price will go up.

Daily Usage

Flight Debit Card acts like a prepaid debit card that can be loaded with $FLIGHT to make in-store and online purchases from contracted merchants.

Flight Debit Cards will be offered to users as a way of Visa, Mastercard, are being offered.

Flight will participate in a widely accepted ATM network to offer users instant access to cash when they need to withdraw money with Flight Debit Card. Card holders can pay to a business for online or in-store purchases. Through Flight Debit Card, while users spend $FLIGHT at the back, merchants receive FIAT. Also, we will provide a mobile app for the usage of this debit card, where you can check your spendings, history and other details.