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Flight Dex

To provide the ultimate trading experience to end-users, Flight DEX leverages several of its unique features, like staking and farming for BEP20-powered tokens. The most important one is that it ensures traders executions quickly by a rapid confirmation time, plus it benefits from extremely low transaction.

Flight NFT

The total share of our Flight DEX will be divided into 10,000 equal parts, and 6,000 of them will be available for users. If the other requirements are completed after the purchase of NFT, the owner is granted a right to earn income through fees collected from the transactions on the DEX.

A user needs to complete two steps to get a share of the fees collected on Flight DEX. These steps are:

Step 1: At first, a user needs to purchase an NFT and hold it on Flight Wallet
Step 2: The same user needs to lock-up 200,000,000 $FLIGHT on Flight Wallet

These two requirements need to be completed to be granted the right to have income from the fees collected on Flight DEX. The income generated from the fees will be distributed monthly to users who hold NFTs and lock-up 200 million Flight Tokens. This income will be distributed as Flight Token. NFT holders can continue to receive income from the fees collected on Flight DEX if 200 million $FLIGHT remain locked.