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First Come, First Served

It works on the principle of “first come, first served”, which means the first to arrive will be the first to have allocation provided.

This principle treats all participants indiscriminately, which makes it the most natural model. Once the launch starts, participants will need to complete some required steps through a web portal to secure their contributions. We aim to prevent an excessive amount of capital taking up a higher proportion of the total fund by setting a limit.

Users need to lock-up $1,000 worth of $FLIGHT to participate in fundraising on our launchpad. When the users are done with this lock-up process, they are offered to get an allocation worth of $1,000 from the cryptocurrency in fundraising.

Needed $FLIGHTLock-up PeriodVesting (Linear)Allocation
$1000 worth of Flight Tokens6 monts6 monts (after lock-up period ends)$1000