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Nodes on OTON Chain

Nodes’ primary task is to verify transactions. Transactions such as wallet-to-wallet transfers of $FLIGHT are finalized on OTON Chain.

Since $FLIGHT is created both on OTON Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain with the same structure and hard cap, each owner may have the same number of tokens on both networks. Every transaction created on BEP20 network is committed to OTON Chain. In Flight Network, node owners are rewarded with $FLIGHT collected from the fees from the transactions. These reward tokens will be distributed to node owners instantly.


There will be totally 2,000 nodes under two categories.

Besides $FLIGHT rewards from the fees, node owners have the right to stake tokens to earn extra income. According to the node type, the owner has an upper limit for the number of tokens to be staked. A user cannot have more than one stake with the same node.

A node owner who has staked an amount of token lower than the maximum limit, can add tokens through another user to reach the upper limit. In such a case, the node owner pays a commission to the other user.

Not every node in the network participates in finalizing every transaction. Nodes solely take part in the completion of transactions including equal or less amount that they staked. If a transaction includes a higher amount than a node owner’s staked tokens, this node cannot participate in the process on the network for this transaction.

Node Types and Stake Amounts
NodeNumber of NodesMax Staked Amount Per NodeMax Staked Amount
Gold15007.000.000.000 (7B)10.500.000.000.000 (1500 x 7B)
Silver5003.000.000.000 (3B)1.500.000.000.000 (500 x 3B)
Total: 2000 NodesTotal Staked Amount:
Stake Information
PeriodStake Reward (Monthly)Max Stake Amount
6 Months0.5%
12 Months1%2.500.000.000.000
24 Months1.5%
36 Months2%
48 Months2.5%
Total Staked: