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65% of income, which arises from the sales of all products and services, is used to purchase $FLIGHT from the exchanges. It is automated by a smart contract and when a sale is done, it triggers to purchase $FLIGHT instantly.

a. Strategic Reserve: This amount is for emergency use. It is the pool reserved for the purpose of balancing the movements of the $FLIGHT on the exchanges, and to prevent speculative movements of $FLIGHT price. Since this amount will be used in case of need, these tokens will not be supplied on the exchanges regularly, which means this amount will not affect the price.

b. Exchange Listings: This amount will be gradually supplied to exchanges as Flight Token is listed.

c. Team & Founders: Team allocation quota is subject to a 4-year lock-up period, which means this amount will not be distributed to any team member until 4 years have passed.

d. Community rewards: These funds are allocated for the purpose of community incentives, rewards for community members, and other similar activities.

e. Stake Reward: Users with a stake by purchasing $FLIGHT and keeping them in the Flight Wallet will earn reward tokens. The Flight Wallet will create a stake, at the user’s discretion, for the tokens deposited. Staking will produce income based on its period and this income is transferred to the user’s wallet daily. Reward tokens are useable at any time regardless of staking period.

f. Stake: 12% of total supply is allocated for stake. All $FLIGHT staked by the users cannot exceed 12% of total supply.

g. Operational: This amount is for the expenses to maintain Flight Ecosystem, cover the needs, and keep Flight Network alive.

h. Flight Card Reserve: 35% of total supply will be used to organize discounted shopping for Flight Debit Card holders.

Usage of Flight Token